Social Networking


At Kid IRA, we strive on providing the necessary and up-to-date tools to grow your Kid IRAŽ

With Facebook, we recognize the power of social networking and feel it is a great fit with maximizing your Kid IRAŽ.

Below are our current available Facebook features. Enjoy!

Login/Connect with Facebook

Login - Now it is easier than ever for your family and friends to sign on to Kid IRAŽ. If they have a Facebook account, they can sign up with the push of one button!

Connect - By connecting Kid IRA with your Facebook account, you can easily share with family/friends, help other students & families, and promote great Kid IRA discounts/offers!

Sync with Facebook

Share Stores/Offers

We have placed a Facebook icon next to Kid IRA stores and offers. By clicking on this icon, you can easily post items on your Facebook wall, or send them as a direct message to a friend.

Sample Store
ADT Tell anyone about ADT Share this on Facebook
ADT (Lead: $12-24)

Sample Offer

  • Tell someone about this offer from BeautyTrends Share this on Facebook View other available offers for BeautyTrends Beauty Trends: Free Shipping & Handling (up to $8.95) off any $39 order or more. Expires 03/01/07, C...
  • Invites

    Super Inviter - Facebook - To send an invitation to your friends, you can use the Super Inviter. Simply select the Facebook logo and you can select which friends to invite from your list of Facebook friends.

    Status Updates

    Once you connect your Facebook account, and you set up your Facebook preferences (below), Kid IRA will send informational updates to your friends. And when they sign up from a link that you posted, you'll increase your Kid IRA Grade!

    Facebook Preferences

    Purchases - Let your friends know that your purchase is going to a great cause: students you care about

    Earnings - We're sure if your friends knew how easy it was to earn from Kid IRA, they'll see these statuses and sign up