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Affluent families are opening Roth IRAs for their kids.  We can show you how it's done.

Your kids deserve the best way to invest!

Discover how affluent parents are investing intelligently for their kids using the best product in the market today, a Roth IRA for kids: The Kid IRAŽ. We are showing families of all income levels how to open, earn income for, and gain wealth using a Kid IRAŽ:

  • FREE, for a limited time only
  • The ultimate tax-free investment vehicle
  • Help your kids become financially independent sooner
  • A great way to teach your kids about money
  • The perfect college savings vehicle
  • 42% more return than a 529(b) 
Did you know that if you started a Kid IRAŽ when you were your kids age, that investment could be worth ... today

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What is Kid IRAŽ ?

A Kid IRAŽ is custodial Roth IRA account that can be used for any expenses now, college tuition later and retirement down the road. It is the most effective and flexible way to invest in our kids. The Kidira Foundation helps students earn and fund their Kid IRAŽ on their own as they, and their supporters, shop online.

People Shop. Kids Save.

How It Works

Start Saving Today!

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Sample Kid IRAŽ Purchases

StoreBase CommissionPurchase
Go to optionsXpress
Flat: $68*
Go to
Go to Best Buy
Best Buy
1-5% Flat: Up to $41 Lead: $23*
Go to
Go to Office Depot
Office Depot
Up to 7%*

I would like my kids to:        
  • Prepare for college expenses
  • Learn about money
  • Increase our household income
  • My kids do NOT need to:
  • Learn about money
  • Earn extra income
  • Prepare for college
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